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I watched our final show today.

I loved it. I could not possibly stop smileing and reveling in all the happy memories while watching. I laughed in the middle of the Roger Braun lounge at school over some of your (our) antics. That show was so much fun, and I can't help but be more than thankful for all the happy memories all of you have given me.

Auria: We have definetly had a rollarcoaster relationship. I love you, I miss you, and think only the best of you.

Mandi: You mean the world to me. The closeness I feel to you during rehearsal time has always, always been a comfort and a joy. I adore you more than you know.

Kate: You AWESOME attitude helped keep everyone happy, and your innovative ideas brought the group to new places. You have been a great asset to the group, and I couldn't be happier to be your friend.

Becca: I hope you can forgive me for being a messenger. I respect you, and love you as a person, even if maybe we can't work well together anymore ^-~. I look forward to seeing you again, outside of a rehearsal atmosphere.

Koi: We had our blowups. At this point, I can't think anything but good thoughts about and towards you. I am over things that were said, no hard feelings on my end. We had some good.. we had some *great* moments, and those are the ones I remember.

Dayl: You straightforwardness has always been a fabulous. You are one of the most important people in my world, and I only look forward to more time spent with you.

Sabina: You are an eternal sweetheart. Your bright disposition always makes my day a little better, especially when talking to you on the phone. You are extra sweet on the phone. I can't help but smile.

Annie: You are an absolute darling. I am a jerk for not having spent more time with you while you lived in state. You consistantly impressed me throughout rehearsals with just how ON you were with everything. I am so glad I got the chance to perform with you. Let me know when things get settled there, I want to come visit :)

Andy: You are a great guy, if a little under-represented ^-~. You have my number, use it >P
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