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Okay, boys and girls, time for some planning

While I know we are all either furiously doing homework, sewing or choreographing, I'm going to put something else in your head to think about. Battle Cosplay at AO this year has the option to actually have a PLOT for you charater. Why they are there and such. That includes other people who are going to be in the Battle Cosplay that can be your allies or arch-rivals. I was wondering if anyone is interested in doing Battle Cosplay and possibly having an over-arching plot. Koi and I are going to be doing Kitana and Jade, and I know some of the peeps in Ichidon want to be in on the plot scheme as well. If you're interested, let me know what character you are going to be for the Battle Cosplay and if you want to be a general good guy or a general bad guy. Remember that you need a partner because you can only sign up in pairs of twos.
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