D (sacredneko) wrote in kageshien,

Para Para Dance Thing


Here you go, Sam. If you weren't going to mess with it, I was going to give the link to Patrick and see if he had any suggestions. =)

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omfg.... scary
...yeah... even more scary is that the lead person's a man and I didn't see it until just now. ^^;;

Gotta love the Japanese.
Alright, guys, I've got a little bit more information about the group/song. It can all be found here, including the video, name of the song. Shit, this song came out REALLY recently in Japan.

Ahhahahaha! XD!

I forget who called it!

That lead girl is totally a 30-year-old man! Ken Maeda.

See Here
-And Here.

More info about the band itself here.
Blah, they lead you to the same thing... click on the first link to the left once you're in that site, and you'll see him all in /him/. ^^;;
I have downloaded the video.

What did you want me to do again? Just the song?
You're awesome.

Actually I found the mp3 online, too, so don't need that anymore.

If you have the video from the internet (their whole para sequence) I don't have that yet and was looking to get it, so if you had a way to send it to me that'd be fantabulous (whether by email or by yousendit.com or something similar).
what is your AIM,MSN or Yahoo screen name?

I have the one you posted and I THINK I have the other one, *scratches head* I think *looks*
I have AIM, SacredNeko, but I'm hardly ever on it.