Samwise (toshimasa) wrote in kageshien,

So hey, we got a room for me, Kate, and Chris, but we need one more person as we're now paying $69 a night for three nights, with one more person it would come out to about $51+tax. But we need one more, it's a pool side room, two beds, etc.

We need somebody that is preferable clean and isn't too messy. So, um, anybody interested?


As we discuss it more, we actually have rules for the room too. Perhaps it's a bit overboard, but we can't risk either Kate's benefits, nor my credit line (as it's under Kate's name, but on my credit card). Therefore, there are quite a few rules that we need people to follow. I'd hope this is understandable, but I"m making it clear so there are no mistakes.

Basically, we need somebody that will keep their stuff in their suitcase, no crazy costuming that will destroy the quality of the room, food and drink must say in the designated area (ie, the sink, near the bathroom, etc), basiclly, courtesy for those in the room who have their necks on the line for said room.

It might be a lot to ask, but honestly, not when we have our names and our word on this room to keep it clean.
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